On E-Day, let's send Leah back to the House of Commons with a strong mandate from Winnipeg Centre!

To do this, we need massive people power to ensure that everyone who wants to vote for Leah can do so. Every vote counts. 

We have a number of in-person and virtual volunteer roles for E-day. No experience is necessary and training will be provided. We require volunteers in the following positions:

  • Vote Pullers/Phone Callers // SIGN-UP:

    Vote pullers will go door to door and encourage supporters to vote and help them access their polling location if they need assistance (by offering a ride or providing help with ID requirements, for example).

        Phone callers will call individuals to ask if they've voted yet and/or let them know where to vote.

  • Drivers/Runners (vehicle needed) // SIGN-UP:

Drivers/Runners will be on call to drive voters to the polls and support other campaign transportation needs.

  • Inside Scrutineers // SIGN-UP:

    Scrutineers will be observers at polling locations, including the counting of ballots after polls close and the tallying of unofficial results.

*Strict COVID-19 protocols will be followed for all volunteers*

E-day volunteer training will be provided in advance. Stay tuned for the training date/times.



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Address: c/o 189 Langside, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1Z6